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Govt increases age limit to 40 years under Dependent Employment Scheme for wards of Singareni miners

HYDERABAD, JUNEN 11, 2024: Good news to the dependents of Singareni Collieries Company Limited employees as the management has increased the recruitment age from the existing 35 years to 40 years under the Dependent Employment Scheme (DES) of the Singareni miners and other workers following the directions of state government.

Following the directions of Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy and Deputy Chief Minister Batti Vikramarka, the management of SCCL had issued orders accordingly benefitting over 300 unemployed youth instantly. This new decision would be enforced from March 9, 2018 onwards.

In an official release here on Tuesday, SCCL Chairman and Managing Director N Balaram said that the government decision to increase the age limit for recruitment under DES had boosted the morale of several unemployed youth and dependents of the coal miners of the coal belt region. The SCCL board of directors had discussed the issue threadbare and announced the decision to increase the age limit following the assurance given by the CM and Deputy CM to the Badili workers of Singareni at the Ambedkar statue in Hyderabad.

This decision would help at least 300 youth to secure employment immediately as the new rule would be implemented from March 9, 2018 onwards. Besides, several other youth would also secure employment easily without resorting illegal methods of creating fake certificates.

The wards of the Singareni employees would secure employment if the worker dies or becomes medically unfit. During the outbreak of Covid-19, there was no medical board for declaring employees unfit for about two years. During this period, several children of the Singareni employees were denied of employment following the crossing of 35 years of age.

During the distribution of employment orders to 441 persons by CM and Deputy CM in Hyderabad, the Chief Minister announced the increase of age limit for DES to 40 years rekindling hopes among the unemployed youth of the Singareni miners.



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