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NAFSCOB chairman re-nominated as Governing Council member of NCDC and BIRD

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 10, 2024: It is a rare honour for a South India cooperator for being re-nominated as the Governing council member of NCDC (National Cooperative Development Council) and BIRD (Bankers Institute of Rural Development) for the second consecutive term on Friday.

Mr Konduru Ravinder Rao, Chairman of NAFSCOB, TSCAB and Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB) has been re-nominated as the Governing Council member of the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC), New Delhi, for the second term.

Headed by Union Minister for Cooperation Amit Shah, the NCDC is a premier cooperative organisation to assist different types of cooperatives, agriculture and its allied sector and expand its financial base.  The term of governing council member is for a period of three years and they would meet every quarter.

Similarly, Mr Ravinder Rao was also re-nominated as Governing Council member of Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, for a period of three years. The BIRD is a premier organisation of NABARD which provides training to all the bank employees of rural cooperative sector and commercial banks.

It is a proud moment to the people of the Telangana state and the integrated Karimnagar district in particular for the re-nomination of Mr Rao as GC member for NCDC and BIRD, the premier organisations of the country.

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