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‘Memu Saitham’ NGO to the rescue of aged persons in summer season

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 04, 2024: ‘Memu Saitham Yuvasena Foundation’, an NGO working in Karimnagar town, has come to the rescue of the elderly persons and mostly women from the sweltering heat wave conditions by providing them with an air-cooler at Mathrusri orphanage at Sri Yagna Varaha Swamy temple on the outskirts of Karimnagar town on Thursday.

Following the requests from the orphanage, Memu Saitham foundation president Chalikam Swapna Srinivas had donated the air cooler to the keep the inmates cool during the summer and protect from the sizzling heat waves. A philanthropist Komaravelli Sai Teja has donated air-cooler, which was handed over to the Matrusri orphanage by Memu Saitham foundation members Swapna, Srinivas, Roopa, Hanuroop, Vikram, Ramesh and others were also present.

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