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CM orders police to allow Kumari Aunty’s food stall back on its original place

Revanth Reddy promises to visit the food staff and eat her popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

HYDERABAD, JANUARY 31, 2024: Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has directed DGP and other Municipal officials to reverse their orders to allow Kumari Aunty to run her mobile food van at Raidurgam in Hyderabad.

Following the reports about the police removing the roadside vendor and causing several hardships to the people, who were getting nutritious food at cheaper rates, the Chief Minister informed the police officials to reverse their decision and allow Kumari Aunty to sell her at her old place. The CM also promised to visit the stall and eat her favourite food.

Kumari Aunty, a familiar name in the realm of Hyderabad street food, has been making headlines recently. Her real name is Dasari Sai Kumari. With her food truck parked alongside Hyderabad’s roads, she offers a variety of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at affordable prices, earning her significant popularity on YouTube.

The crowd around Kumari Aunty’s food truck becomes especially overwhelming by 1 PM. While Kumari Aunty earns a decent income from her food business, YouTubers recording videos of her food truck are garnering an extraordinary number of views.

However, the latest news involving Kumari Aunty is about the Hyderabad Traffic Police halting her food truck’s operations, which has deeply distressed her. She expressed her frustration, pointing out that while other vehicles are allowed to operate on the same road, her food truck is being singled out for obstruction. She recalled past incidents where her business was interrupted under the pretext of traffic control but was later allowed to resume. She is perplexed by the current situation.

She shared her sadness over the fact that many customers who came to her food truck hungry had to leave disappointed due to the police intervention.


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