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Untouchability menace: Discrimination of Dalit teacher in reinstatement into service

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 24, 2024: In a shocking incident, the school education department, which educates against the practice of social evils, is encouraging untouchability and discriminating the Dalit teachers.

A fresh case of discrimination of a Dalit teacher was reported in Karimnagar district. Following this, several Dalit organizations and teachers unions are up in arms against the ill-treatment of a Dalit teacher and demanded justice and warned of launching agitations.

It may be recalled that during the SSC spot valuation centre in Karimnagar, DEO Ch Janardhan Rao suspended three teachers on the charges of using mobile phones in the centre and sending messages. The DEO suspended Government Savaran street school teacher and TPTF district general secretary Ragampet Chandrashekhar, ZPHS Pachunuru teacher and TPTF district president P Damodar Reddy and ZPHS Nagunuru PET Patharaveni Srinivas.

Following the news of TPTF leaders suspension, MLC Raghotham Reddy visited the SSC spot valuation centre in Karimnagar town and interacted with the DEO. The TPTF state leader M Ramulu condemned the suspension of their leaders.

Within 10 days of their suspension, the DEO reinstated TPTF leaders at their respective schools allegedly succumbing to the pressures. However, the Dalit PET was given posting at ZPHS Veenavanka violating the norms. When the election code of conduct was being implemented, the education department should not reinstate the suspended teachers. Surprisingly, the reinstatement of the TPTF leaders at same schools and a Dalit teacher being shifted to far off place is raising several suspicions.

SC\ST Teachers Association district president Meesala Mallik found fault with the DEO for the discrimination of a dalit teacher in reinstatement after suspension. He demanded the authorities to reinstate the dalit teacher at his original school on par with other teachers and threatened to launch agitations.


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