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Students need to work on interpersonal skills to excel in their chosen career

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 18, 2024: SRR Government Arts and Science College in association with the Telangana Skills and Knowledge Centre (TSKC) organised a workshop on ‘Interpersonal skills’ for the benefit of students on Monday.

On this occasion, TASK trainer Praveen Kumar enlightened the students on the importance of interpersonal skills in their day-to-day lifestyle. He emphasised the importance of communication skills for young students who would be entering new careers soon. “Employers are hiring for attitude now and to be industry ready one has to have a rounded personality apart from the academic qualification,” he said. “Without confidence and communication ability it is very difficult to get absorbed in any kind of industry now. And communication skills are not just the verbal skills and proficiency in spoken English, these also mean that one is able to write a note and convey an idea or a concept clearly to a diverse audience.” According to him college is the right stage to start working on one’s communication skills.

Expressing concern over lack of proper skilling of students for the industry, Principal K Ramakrishna maintained that there was a need to up skill and re-skill the graduates and post-graduates that enter the Indian workforce every year. The conference saw engaging discussions on the key skills required by Industry and dwelled on the major challenges in making students ready for placements.  TSKC coordinator Ch Maruthi provided valuable insights into the practical applications of interpersonal skills in academic and professional settings. NCC PO P Raju and other faculty members were also participated.



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