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NGO celebrates Holi with a difference, bring colours and smiles to slum kids in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 25, 2024: The Karimnagar town based NGO ‘Memu Saitham Yuva Sena Foundation’ celebrated Holi in a different way as they chose to play Holi with the children from slum settlements in Karimnagar town on Monday.

Memu Saitham Yuva Sena foundation president Chakilam Swapna Srinivas, Roopa Hanurapu, Vikram and others reached the slum settlements and celebrated Holi with dozens of children of poor families and other womenfolk.

The representatives of NGO bought sweets, colours, water-sprayers, snacks and new dresses to the children and distributed among the children as a token of love and blessings.

Foundation president Chakilam Swapna said that a divine festive cheer prevailed on the faces of the children when the group started celebrating Holi with them. They sang, danced and applied gulal on the foreheads of each of those from the group who went there to celebrate Holi. The children of the slum were all praise for the NGO for celebrating Holi with love and distributing sweets, Holi playing items and new clothes.

Upon seeing the NGO members, almost all belonging to good families, reached the slums, many onlookers gathered to watch the celebration. “This is what our society and youths need to be doing. Stay blessed!” said an elderly man. Impressed by their efforts to render social service, many of the people of the town said the NGO members deserve kudos for helping to work towards a better society in which illiteracy and poverty do not hamper the growth of talented kids.

Birthday celebrations at Blind school

On the occasion of birthday of Sahan Sai, his parents Goli Harini and Satish celebrated the birthday of their son at Blind school by distributing study material, carom board, chocolates to the inmates of the hostel. Memu Saitham Yuva sena foundation president Swapna, members Harini, Satish, Roopa and others were also present.


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