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Collector’s initiative helps 72 failed students come back to mainstream of education after clearing SSC examinations

Collector Pamela Satpathy took initiatives to help the SSC failed students, who did not write supplementary examinations due to poverty and unable to fee exam fee, by ensuring the education department pay fees and help them provide necessary guidance including personalised guidance to crack SSC exams

Out of 124 SSC failed students in the district, 95 students wrote the examinations and 72 students cleared the exams and ready study further higher education. Earlier, these students shunned education and working in their villages and helping their families

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 01, 2024: These students have failed in one to three subjects in Secondary School Certificate Examinations during the last two to three years. They did not felt to write the examinations and were not a position to pay the examination fee and working by doing different works in the villages.

Their parents also did not get an idea of ensuring that  their children pass SSC examination by paying the fee for supplementary examinations and study further studies.

At this juncture, Collector Pamela Satpathy, who took charge as the Collector of the district before the Assembly elections, had focused on the education of SSC failed students. She collected the data from the education department and found that 124 persons had failed and not writing the supplementary examinations to pursue further higher education and losing their precious career.

Accordingly, the Collector convened a meeting with the failed students along with their parents and educated the importance of clearing the SSC examinations. She directed the education department officials to pay the examination fee of all the failed students. She also ensured that the subject teachers conducted special classes for the failed students. The students were also allowed to visit the schools and attend the classes.

The Collector geared up the education department machinery and the students to write the SSC examinations in March 2024. The teachers visited their houses and given personalized guidance to crack the SSC examinations. Out of a total of 124 failed students, 95 appeared in the examinations and 72 students cleared the examinations with a pass percentage of 75.78 percent in the results which were announced on April 30. Among them, 40 were boys and 32 were girl students.

The students were all happies and expressed their gratitude as the Collector’s initiative had helped them to study further higher studies and fulfill their goals. On this occasion, Collector Pamela Satpathy congratulated all the passed students presented them dictionaries and motivated the students to study further excel in their chosen career.

“It is really great achievement. These students will remain as role models. It is the true grit and determination of the students to excel in the examinations with the proper guidance”, the Collector said.  She informed the officials to take measures to ensure that the remained failed candidates write the supplementary examinations and clear the SSC and study further.

She said that she would again conduct a meeting with the parents of SSC failed students and motivate them to encourage their wards to study further. The SSC examination is crucial in the life of a student as it is a stepping stone of success for a bright career of the future generation, she stated.


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