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Karimnagar CP gets ‘milk abhishekhams’ for arresting land grabbers in Rekurthi

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 24, 2024: In a thanks giving gesture, the residents of Zareena nagar in Rekurthi on the outskirts of Karimnagar town have performed ‘milk abhishekams’ to the portrait of Karimnagar Commissioner of Police Abhishek Mohanty for taking action against the ‘bulldozer’ gang, who razed their houses

In an unprecedented move, the residents of Rekurthi honoured the CP with ‘Palaabhishekam’ – a traditional milk bath. They said that it was because of the initiatives taken by the Karimnagar CP, the accused involved in the demolition of their houses by using ‘bulldozers’ were arrested and remanded to judicial custody. They thanked the CP for his instant action and providing shelter to the poor people.

It may be recalled that Mohammed Lateef (38) had created a forged documents and entered into the houses in Rekurthi and forced the inmates to leave the houses and demolished the houses. Following the complaints in the Kothapalli police station, the CP took it as a challenge and arrested the five accused persons involved in the encroachment of the lands belonging to the poor people.

Ever since, Mr Abhiskek Mohanty took charge as the CP in Karimnagar, he had cracked a whip against the land grabbers in Karimnagar town. He had so far arrested more than 30 persons including a tahsildar, a revenue employee, 10 municipal corporators and their family members belonging to BRS and other BRS leaders.

The residents of Rekurthi said that those arrested were small fishes and urged the CP to arrest the ‘big fish’, who had reigned terror in Karimnagar town during the BRS regime and encroached precious lands of both the government and private lands by using the official machinery. The residents thank the CP for his noble gesture of providing shelter to the poor homeless people and protecting from the ‘land sharks’.



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