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Bulldozer gang of Rekurthi taken into police custody by Kothapalli police station

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 02, 2024: Five persons involved in the demolition of houses of poor persons in Rekurthi in Karimnagar were taken into police custody by the Kothapalli police in Karimnagar town on Thursday.

Following a complaint lodged by Mohammed Latif from Adarshnagar in Karimnagar, the police have arrested Baraju Ratnakar Reddy (Vidynagar), Chanda Shankar Rao (Sai nagar), Bakit Sai (Rekurthi), Pittala Madhu (Jyothinagar) and Shaheed Khan (Mukarampura) were arrested on April 23 and remanded to judicial custody.

The Kothapalli secured their police custody as part of investigation on Thursday for 24 hours. The police have taken the accused persons to their respective houses and collected crucial incriminating documents. The accused persons had created fake documents and forcibly evicted residents in Rekurthi by using the bulldozers.


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