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NTPC Ramagundam launches Groundbreaking 176 MW Solar Power Project elevating Telangana’s Clean Energy Profile

PEDDAPALLI, APRIL 29, 2024: As part of its expansion programme, the NTPC Ramagundam and Telangana would be adding additional 176 MWs of solar power generation on its premises to encourage clean and green energy.

Accordingly, NTPC Ramagundam and Telangana Executive Director Kedar Ranjan Pandu performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the installation of ground mounted solar power plant on Monday. Out of 176 MWs of solar power project, 120 MWs of solar power project would be ground mounted and the remaining 56 MWs floating solar in the existing reservoir in the NTPC Ramagundam.

The programme was attended by GM (O&M)/R, GM(O&M)/T, GM (TS)/T, GM (RE&TAD), GM (P), GM(TS)/R, GM(C&T), GM(O)/R, L&T Officials and Representatives from Unions & Associations.

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