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Drive against overloading of autos in Karimnagar town

KARIMNAGAR, JANUARY 29, 2024: In the wake of complaints of overloading of autorickshaws against the its capacity and playing of loud music in autos and causing nuisance to the commuters and other road users, the Karimnagar Traffic police have launched a special drive of removal of additional seats beside the driver seat and other areas of the auto and also additionally fixed loud music system.

Accordingly, the Traffic police led by ACP Sarwar, Inspector Ramesh, SIs Raju and Sagar and others launched a special drive of removing additionally fitted seats beside the auto driver seat to check over loading of passengers in the autos at the RTC bus station area in Karimnagar town on Monday. The Traffic police stopped all the autos and removed the extra fitting seats to check the overloading in the autos as well as removed the music systems, which was causing nuisance and obstructing the concentration of the driver.

On this occasion, the Traffic ACP instructed the auto drivers to ensure that only four persons travel in the autos as per motor vehicles act. He directed the auto drivers to strictly follow the rules and avoid overloading with passengers and use of music systems. He warned of stern action if they do not mend their ways.


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