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Rains bring much sought after respite from blistering heat waves in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 07, 2024: The Karimnagar town saw heavy downpour last for about half an hour, drenching several parts of the town and inundating several low-lying areas and adjoining villages on Tuesday afternoon.

The rains have bought much sought after relief from the blistering heat waves since one month in general and last week in particular wherein the temperature touched 47 degree Celsius on Monday. The IMD authorities had also declared ‘red alert’ in Karimnagar district following the sizzling heat waves.

On Tuesday afternoon, the dark clouds hovered over entire Karimnagar town and transformed into night and burst into rains with heavy downpour followed by gales. The rains had bought down the temperature to 38 degrees Celsius on Tuesday afternoon. The rains were also reported in several mandals affecting the farmers, who had dried up their harvested paddy produce. The reports also said that the mango groves were also damaged.


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