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Congress rank and file oppose candidature of Teenmaar Mallanna from Karimnagar parliament constituency

Party high command is contemplating to field Mallanna in the elections from the Karimnagar parliament constituency

Local leaders demand the fielding of local candidate in the elections or else the party would lose miserably in the elections

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 28, 2024: The Karimnagar District Congress party rank and file are opposing the candidature of Youtuber Teenmaar Mallanna from Karimnagar parliament constituency in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

Following the news about the party high command zeroing on the candidate of Mallanna, the Congress party leaders have raised a voice of protest against the party high command stating that the candidate would not even secure deposit in the elections.

The District Congress committee leaders say that Mallanna was not known figure in Karimnagar district and he had never ever raised the public issues of the Karimnagar district in his so-called youtube news channel. Besides, he had acclaimed a dubious distinction of blackmailing the doctors, educational institutions and others on the pretext of telecasting the news with his network of journalists, they alleged.

The party leaders said that Teenmaar Mallanna was not having any good reputation in the district with his vulgar language during his Youtube news shows. They opined that the party would lose deposit if Mallanna was allocated the party ticket from the Karimnagar parliament constituency. Above all, he is a non-local candidate and he aspired to contest from Bhuvanagiri constituency in the elections, the sources said that and added that the party would face a miserable defeat if he was allocated the party ticket in the elections from Karimnagar parliament constituency.

The DCC leaders had instructed the party high command including the Central Election Committee to select a local candidate as there are bring winning chances because of prevailing Congress party wave. They said that only a local candidate a fitting reply to the BJP contestant Bandi Sanjay Kumar. Otherwise, the BRS contestant B Vinod Kumar is a non-local candidate and has no sway in the constituency, they informed.


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