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Celebrating birthdays and marriage days with underprivileged sections

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 22, 2024:  The trend of celebrating birthdays and other occasions with poorer sections of society is engaging the do-gooders in the Karimnagar city. The motive behind the celebrations with them is to make them feel privileged and a part of our society.

Accordingly, a non-governmental organisation ‘Memu Saitham Yuvasena foundation’ in Karimnagar, which is serving the poorer sections of society by providing them food and other requirements, had celebrated the birthday and wedding anniversary of philanthropists Bukka Manoj Kumar and Naga Shiromani and Harish respectively by donating the food to over 200 people in the town on Wednesday.

With the donations provided by the philanthropists, the Memu Saitham Yuvasena foundation members led by its founder president Chakilam Swapna Srinivas, Hanurupu and Sajid donated food to the labourers in various parts of the town.

On this occasion, the philanthropists said that they feel proud to celebrate the birthday and marriage anniversary by participating in social service programmes of serving the food to the poorer sections of society. Indeed, it a special moment in our life, they stated. NGO founder Chakilam Swapna thanked the noble gesture of the philanthropists to the help the society.


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