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BJP upbeat over success of Narendra Modi’s meeting in Vemulawada

K M Dayashankar

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 08, 2024: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Karimnagar parliament constituency rank and file is upbeat following the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election meeting in Vemulawada temple town in Rajanna-Sircilla district on Wednesday.

Already, the BJP is ahead in the electioneering by touching each and every village. Freshly, the success of the public meeting which was conducted in the morning hours and winning appreciations from none other than the Prime Minister had further boosted their morale.

When the meeting was fixed in the morning 10 am following the busy schedule of the Prime Minister, the BJP district leaders were worried lot about the mobilisation of the people for meeting. Incidentally, the hailstorms and rains had wracked havoc in various parts of the district on Tuesday. But, still the people had arrived in large numbers in the early hours even before the arrival of the Prime Minister to the venue.

The Prime Minister, who arrived at Vemulawada temple town in helicopter, visited the ancient shrine and offered prayers to Lord Shiva. Later, he visited the meeting place. After seeing the huge crowd, the Prime Minister was all praise for BJP contestant and Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar for the successful mobilisation of the people for the meeting in the morning hours.

In his address at the public meeting, Mr Modi said that “even I would have failed in the mobilisation of the people for the public meeting in the early hours in my own Gujarat state. I was Gujarat chief minister for three terms, but I had never ever seen such a huge crowd for the morning hour public meeting. I am really indebted to the people of the district for showing so much gratitude towards me”.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that the victory of Bandi Sanjay Kumar has been finalised well in advance. The Congress party had fielded an unknown candidate with much difficulty, he said and that the BRS would be wiped out after the parliament elections.

The BJP rank and file is upbeat over the Prime Minister visited the ancient temple shrine and offering prayers and also campaigning for BJP candidate Bandi Sanjay Kumar.



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