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Bandi Sanjay says he will quit politics if he was defeated from Karimnagar parliament constituency in ensuing elections

Dares Minister for Transport Ponnam Prabhakar to accept his challenge

Mild tension in Bommenapalli village during BJP leader’s Prajahita padayatra with the Congress leaders protests

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 27, 2024: Mild tension prevailed at Bommenapalli village of Husnabad assembly constituency on Tuesday, when the Congress party workers tried to attack the Bharatiya Janata Party cadre taking part in the second day of Prajahitha Yatra of party national general secretary Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

The Congress leaders have arrived to protest against the Karimnagar MP’s objectionable remarks against the Congress leaders. However, sensing possible clashes, the police forces arrived and hordes and prevented a major clash. The police also arrested the Congress workers and shifted them to the police station.

Talking to newsmen, Mr Bandi Sanjay condemned the unruly behavior of the Congress leaders and flayed the police for their partisan attitude and allowing the Congress workers to damage their hoardings and posters. He challenged Minister for Transport Ponnam Prabhakar to come for an open debate on what they had done for the development of Karimnagar parliamentary constituency during their respective tenures.

“I am going into the people explaining what I had done for Karimnagar in the last five years with the funds released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. I am going into the people questioning the audacity of those who had expressed doubts over the birth of Lord Rama at Ayodhya,” he said.

He asked Mr Prabhakar to go into the people with the same agenda. “If I am defeated in Karimnagar this time, I shall quit politics forever. Are you ready for the same? If you have the guts, accept my challenge,” Sanjay dared Ponnam Prabhakar.

He said the Congress government, which had failed to implement its guarantees given to the people, was resorting to violent methods to intimidate him while he was undertaking a peaceful Yatra.

Stating that Ponnam Prabhakar had, in the past, made critical comments against chief minister A Revanth Reddy, the BJP leader cautioned Reddy to be wary of his cabinet colleague. “He is instigating the people to malign the Revanth Reddy government,” he alleged.

He said there was no question of tolerating Prabhakar, who had insulted Lord Rama and His birthplace. “We are maintaining restraint only because he had become the minister only recently,” he said.

Sanjay also questioned the propriety of the state government using the pictures of the chief minister at the fair price shops, when it was Narendra Modi who was providing rice to the poor people free of cost.

“The Modi government has given Rs 697 crore for the development of Husnabad assembly constituency, including laying of new roads, development of greenery. Where have the funds gone?” he asked.

Stating that he had raised his voice in Parliament for the cause of Karimnagar people, Sanjay sought to know whether Ponnam Prabhakar had ever raised a single issue pertaining to the constituency. “I have faced hundreds of cases and been jailed. Has any Congress leader been arrested for public cause?” he asked.

Refuting the allegation that he had made insulting comments against Prabhakar’s mother, the BJP leader said he had never uttered a word against her, as he had great respect for women. “It is unfortunate that Prabhakar is trying to drag even his mother into his dirty politicking. I feel pity for her,” he added.

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