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Unprecedented Nose Reconstruction Surgery Transforms Lives under Arogyabadtrata Scheme

Omega Hospital Successfully Completes Unprecedented Nose Reconstruction Surgery under Arogyabadtrata Scheme

GUNTUR (AP), MAY 05, 2024: Omega Hospital, renowned for its excellence in medical care, has achieved another milestone in the field of reconstructive surgery. Ms. Ayeshajan (name changed), a 75-year-old resident of Kollakulur, Guntur District, and mother of a dedicated Sub Inspector, recently underwent a groundbreaking nose reconstruction surgery at Omega Hospital.

Ms. Ayeshajan had been battling Cancer (Carcinoma Nose), which initially manifested as a small growth but was unfortunately neglected for two years. The tumor gradually spread, affecting nearly three-quarters of her nose. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the family turned to Omega Hospital for assistance.

Led by Dr. Nagakishore, a highly skilled Oncosurgeon and *Dr Sumita Shankar, * Senior Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, at Omega Hospital, the tumor was successfully removed, paving the way for the intricate process of nose reconstruction by Dr. Sumita Shankar, utilizing the Arogyabadtrata Scheme, a cashless treatment initiative for the beneficiaries of police department staff and their families, Ms. Ayeshajan underwent a transformative journey of nose reconstruction.

The surgery involved a multifaceted approach, where innovative techniques were employed to restore both form and function to Ms. Ayeshajan’s nose. A unique method utilizing lip mucosa was employed to create the septum, separating the nostrils, while structural support was provided by a graft harvested from the ear. Further, the forehead skin, known as Forehead Flap or Indian Rhinoplasty, was skillfully utilized to reconstruct the columella and ala, essential components of the nose.

This intricate procedure was conducted in stages, ensuring optimal outcomes at each step. In the second stage, the flap was delicately separated from the forehead skin, allowing for the refinement of nose contours and the creation of nostril openings. Skin grafts were meticulously applied to establish the inner lining of the nose, with a retainer employed to maintain the newly crafted structure.

Dr. Sumita Shankar expressed her satisfaction with the outcome of the surgery, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts and innovative approaches in achieving success, particularly in complex cases such as this.

Ms. Ayeshajan is now on her journey to recovery, grateful for the exceptional care and expertise provided by the medical team at Omega Hospital. This remarkable feat was performed at Omega Hospital and restoring hope to patients facing challenging health conditions.

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