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Put water bowls, grains to save sparrows from extinction, appeals Collector Pamela Satpathy

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 20, 2024: To maintain the balance in ecosystem, environmentalists of the director of School Education department celebrated World Sparrow Day in Karimnagar town on Wednesday.

Collector Pamela Satpathy participated as chief guest at a programme organised by Director of School Education in Karimnagar town. Speaking on the occasion, she informed: “Befriend them. Keep a bowl of water and some grains for sparrows to feed on. Plant trees in and around your homes to create shelters for them or keep bird feeders outside your house. Do not use chemical insecticides and pesticides in your garden as it is harmful. The only way to bring the sparrow back is by people’s participation. We need sparrow feeders, photographers, bloggers, poets and volunteers and people from all walks of life to do their bit to create a harmonious space for the house sparrow to co-exist with human beings,”.

She informed the authorities to educate the students about the importance of protecting the sparrows and other small creatures which would protect the mankind. Additional Collector Praful Desai appealed to the people to provide nests and water facilities for the sparrpws at their respectives homes so that they would stay happily. He urged the people to nurture the birds like small children.

DFO Balamani and DEO Ch Janardhan Rao vowed to contribute in saving environment by providing food and shelter to house sparrows and common birds at their respective places and also educate the people. They stressed on the need of protecting the sparrows and other small birds for conservation of environment.

On this occasion, the Collector distributed prizes to the winners of various competitions conducted by the department of school education. District Science Officer Chada Jaipal Reddy,s sectoral officer Ashok Reddy, MEO Madhusudhana Chary, judges Gajula Ravinder, Saritha, KS Anantha Chary, Madhusudhana Chary, Laxman, and others were also present.




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