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Patients who underwent Bone Marrow Transplants at Yashoda Hospitals achieves complete recovery

Blood cancers and blood disorders are curable with BMT successfully at Yashoda hospitals, Hitec City, says Dr Ganesh Jaishetwar, Senior Hematologist and BMT specialist

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 27, 2024: A 45-year-old Murali from Karimnagar district was suffering from life threatening blood cancer-AML for the last three years. He successfully underwent Bone Marrow Transplant at Yashoda Hospitals, Hitec City, Hyderabad, with his sister as his stem cell donor is completely cured and healthy now.

Similarly, Sai Priya, who suffered from life threatening bone marrow failure – DBA, also got cured of her disease by half HLA matched bone marrow transplant with her mother as her stem cell donor at Yashoda Hospitals, Hitec City, Hyderabad. The successful treatment of these cases have proved the fact that in the current era, not having full HLA genet matched family donor is no more a barrier to cure as the results of such complex half matched bone marrow transplants have significantly improved and in most diseases, the results of half gene matched transplants are as good as full gene matched bone marrow transplants.

Yashoda Hospital Hitec City, Hyderabad conducted Blood Cancers and Bone marrow transplant (BMT) Survivors summit with conquerors on the occasion of World blood diseases awareness month who win over Blood Cancers and blood disorders with BMT successfully at Yashoda Medical Centre, Karimnagar town on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ganesh Jaishetwar, Senior Hematologist & BMT specialist, said: “This year’s World Blood Cancer month theme is “Today’s Diagnosis. Tomorrow’s Hope.” Early detection of blood cancer can significantly improve the chances of complete cure and provide hope for a better tomorrow. Dr Ganesh also highlighted the latest advances in blood cancer research and treatment. Majority blood cancers today in 2024 are curable with most advanced treatment options like modern chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, targeted drugs, Bone marrow transplant etc. In fact, these treatments have undergone paradigm shift over last few decades in a way that these treatment are now more effective and less toxic. Added to this are the latest immune therapies like CAR-T cells, which, in a way is like surgical strike against blood cancers. These targeted therapies selectively kill blood cancer cells leaving neighbouring healthy cells unaffected by these immune therapies, thereby decreasing toxicity with more success against various blood cancers. Bone Marrow transplants have seen tremendous improvements and now can be used to cure blood cancers and vast number of blood disorders safely even in old ages patients.

Dr Ganesh Jaishetwar further added that Dept of Hematology & BMT@ Yashoda Hospital, Hitec City, had many pioneering milestones to its credit like – 1). India’s first successful double Haplo-identical stem cell transplant, 2). Haplo- identical transplant for the most advanced age of 67 Years, 3). World’s first single international donor stem cells being used for two brothers for BMT, 4). India’s first successful Ex Vivo T deplete Haplo-identical BMT for adult patients. Yashoda Hospitals  has conducted more than 500 successful BMTs over the last 10 years.”

Dr Ganesh concluded with these blood cancer and BMT triumphants prove the fact that ‘Blood cancers and blood disorders are not the end of the road, in fact, these are beginning of the new journey of hope and cure.”




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