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NGO’s gesture to poor family in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 23, 2024:  The Karimnagar Town based ‘Memu Saitham Yuvasena Foundation’ members have come to the rescue of poor family, who were eking out a miserable life with starvation, by donating the rice bag and other essential commodities.

A poor family from Housing board colony in Karimnagar town was leading a life of recluse due to abject poverty following the head of the family Mallesham undergoing dialysis treatment. When the poor family approached the ‘Memu Saitham’ representatives, they informed the same to philanthropist Basetty Aswin and their family members. They readily came forward and donated the household requirements and donated rice and other essential commodities such as groceries to avoid them from starving. Foundation president Chakilam Swapna Srinivas, Roopa Hanurupu and others thanked the noble gesture of philanthropists.



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