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MNJ Institute of Oncology sees 4-fold Increase in Free Bone Marrow Transplants within one year

62% increase in patients receiving chemotherapy per day resulting in a 42-hour reduction in the waiting period

Approx. 1.35 Lakh cancer patients benefitted from the free-of-cost cancer treatment provided at the state-of-the-art Aurobindo Oncology Block at the hospital since its inception in June 2023

Primary screening camps conducted through a mobile screening bus helped detect early-stage cancer in 1.5% of patients

HYDERABAD, JUNE 07, 2024: Less than a year after Aurobindo Pharma Foundation (APF) set up a new block at the MNJ Institute of Oncology and State Cancer Institute, the hospital has seen a 4-fold increase in the number of patients undergoing the life-saving Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT), free of cost.

According to Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, Medical Oncologist at the newly constructed Aurobindo Oncology Block for MNJ Institute of Oncology, “We’ve performed as many as 55 free BMTs and 72 follow-up cases on cancer patients since June 2023 after the new block was set up by the foundation. Over 1.35 lakh patients, drawn not just from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, but also other states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Bihar have undergone treatment for cancer in the last 10 months.”

Dr Chaitanya said that the new block has also helped significantly reduce the waiting period from 48 hours to less than 6 hours for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Additionally, primary screening camps conducted through a mobile screening bus helped detect early-stage cancer in 1.5% of patients.

A BMT is a medical procedure performed to replace unhealthy bone marrow stem cells with the healthy ones. This transplant is carried out to treat cancer patients diagnosed with conditions like leukemia and multiple myeloma.

Aurobindo Pharma Foundation, the philanthropic and CSR arm of Aurobindo Pharma, built the 300-bedded state-of-the-art oncology block at a cost of INR 80 crore. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of services, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and palliative care, to patients from Telangana and neighbouring states.

According to Sri K. Nityananda Reddy, Director, Aurobindo Pharma Foundation, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., “The establishment of the new oncology block at MNJ Institute of Oncology by Aurobindo Pharma Foundation is a significant milestone in the fight against cancer in Telangana. This initiative has not only expanded access to critical cancer treatments but also bolstered the healthcare infrastructure, ensuring that more patients receive timely and effective care. This initiative underscores our commitment to making advanced healthcare accessible to people who need it the most and enhance the quality of life for cancer patients across the region.”


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