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mCURA Mobile Health launches its premium service, MediLounge in Hyderabad

MediLounge is redefining specialist consultation in premium facility

HYDERABAD, FEBRUARY 06, 2024: mCURA Mobile Health Pvt. Ltd. has recently introduced MediLounge – a premium integrated direct and teleconsultation platform. In what can be seen as a boon for local polyclinics and mid-sized hospitals, MediLounge’s hub-and-spoke model helps patients access specialists across cities and even abroad.

In Hyderabad’s A.S. Rao Nagar, it offers premium integrated direct and teleconsultation in a lounge facility. Through MediLounge, the pioneer in Smart OPD transformation, aims to provide pre-assessment services, IoT-enabled instant tests as well as teleconsultation with specialists.

Ms. Madhubala Radhakrishnan, Founder & CEO of mCURA says “MediLounge is a next-gen teleconsultation platform which offers an integrated pre-assessment module along with specialist consultation of choice & generation of a complete case file for holistic disease management. It bridges the gap in healthcare for patients in India by enabling doctor to doctor communication.”

In the next five years, teleconsultation is slated to grow by 23.95%. But the limitations of current self-initiated mobile based model may restrict the growth and its real benefits to patients & doctors. Having seen success in the field of health-tech, Ms. Madhubala Radhakrishnan identified the gaps in the system and is on a mission to make teleconsultation work better through MediLounge.

mCURA has also strategically associated with Medi Pocket, USA to get access to 15 renowned hospitals in the USA including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, etc. for cross border consultation with international insurance coverage. With Investments from Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd., mCURA plans to set up 3000 MediLounges across India to increase specialist and super specialist access.

About mCURA Mobile Health

mCURA Mobile Health is a healthtech company that has transformed the entire OPD process and digitized the same to bring about efficiency, which ultimately translates into better consultation times, improved patient experience and digitized EMRs, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere for the perfect diagnosis. They are the pioneers in implementing the Smart OPD concept and have touched more than 1 million patients while working with the top doctors and top hospitals. They are committed to improving access to quality healthcare for everyone.

With the same vision in mind, they conceived of MediLounge, which aims to transform the specialist consultation & teleconsultation experience.



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