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Liquor shops to be closed for two days before polling in Telangana state

HYDERABAD, MAY 09, 2024: In view of parliament elections in the Telangana state scheduled to be conducted on May 13, the Prohibition and Excise department had announced closure of all liquor outlets including wine shops, bars, restaurants and pubs and also toddy-shops from 6 pm on May 11 till the end of polling on May 13, 2024.

Similarly, the liquor outlets and toddy shops would also remained closed on June 4, 2024 following the counting of votes in the state. The excise authorities have decided to implement a complete prohibition on the sale of liquor and other substances within the polling areas for 48 hours.

The excise authorities and the police have decided to strictly enforce the prohibition for 48 hours for polling and also on counting day. Any deviations and sale of liquor illegal would be dealt with serious and take severe penal action, the officials said.

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