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Fake drug licence: Police file criminal case against the Ovoid Pharmachem Director for forgery and cheating

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 06, 2024: The Jeedimetla police have a criminal case against the Ovoid Pharmachem Pvt Limited Director Narsapally Ramudu under IPC sections 420 (cheating) and 468 (forgery) for creating a fake drug licence containing drug products not permitted by the Drugs Control Administration (DCA).

It may be recalled that the Officials of Drugs Control Administration, Telangana, detected a significant case of fraudulent activity within the pharmaceutical industry. An investigation conducted by DCA officials has revealed that Ovoid Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., located at Plot No. 318, Subashnagar, Quthbullapur Mandal, MedchalMalkajgiri District, engaged in the forgery of a drug manufacturing license.

Narasapally Ramudu, Director of Ovoid Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., was involved in the creation of a forged Drug Manufacturing license in Form-25, bearing No. TS/MFG2019-43319, L.Dis.No: 315995/TS/2022 dated: 05/07/2022, for certain drug products which were not authorized for the company by the Drugs Control Administration, Telangana. This unlawful activity was carried out with the intention to deceive drug regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and the public.

Upon verification of Drugs Control Administration, Telangana licensing database on the ODLS (Online Drug Licensing System) Portal, it has been confirmed that Ovoid Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. created a fake drug licence for certain drug products.

DCA also detected that the firm manufactured and sold certain drug products under this fraudulent license. Drugs Control Administration officials seized stocks worth Rs. 23.93 lakhs, including 800 Kgs of Activated Charcoal 250 mg and Simethicone 80 mg Pellets. Drugs Control Administration, Telangana, has filed a complaint with the Jeedimetla Police Station.

It is imperative to emphasize that the manufacturing and sale of pharmaceutical products under forged licenses pose a significant threat to public health and safety. All manufacturers shall comply strictly with regulatory requirements and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. Page 4 of 4 Drugs Control Administration, Telangana, alerts all pharmaceutical manufacturers and stakeholders that forging drug licences is a serious offence with severe consequences. Stringent actions will be taken against any individuals or firms found engaging in such illegal activities.


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