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EV cars to ferry senior citizens and specially abled persons at Medaram jatara

MEDARAM, (MULUGU DT), FEBRUARY 22, 2024: In order to help the senior citizens and specially-abled devotes lacking mobility, the Telangana state government has introduced battery cars for the transportation of them during the ensuing Samakka-Sarakka jatara in Medaram on Thursday.

The state endowments department had introduced two battered operated cars for the ferrying of senior citizens and specially-abled persons to the altars and return. Endowments commissioner V Anil Kumar and Mulugu Collector Ila Tripathi conducted test drive of the cars.

15 lakh facemasks

Following the suggestions made by Minister for Panchayat Raj Anasuya Seethakka, the Telangana state medical services infrastructure development corporation MD RV Karnan had responded immediately mobilized 15 lakh facemasks for the distribution of staff, sanitary staff deployed for the jatara.

Several pharmaceutical companies have come forward and donated facemasks. The Venkatsai pharma donated 2 lakh masks, Anitha textiles 5 lakhs, SSV agency 5 lakhs, Sasmathi packers 2 lakhs, and others. The masks were distributed through district medical and health department.




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