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Dr Sumita Shankar authors a Book on “Complete Guide to Breast Health and Reconstruction”

VISAKAPATNAM, FEBRUARY 24, 2024:  In a momentous occasion at the inaugural session of the Breast Screening Camp, organized in collaboration with Rotary Club at City Armed Reserve (CAR)  in Visakhapatnam on Friday evening, Commissioner of Police Visakapatnam Dr Ravi Shankar Ayyannar unveiled the eagerly anticipated book, “Complete Guide to Breast Health and Reconstruction” authored by Dr Sumita Shankar from Dr YSR University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Sumita Shankar, a seasoned Plastic Surgeon with over two decades of experience, emphasized the critical need for awareness and early intervention in breast health. Addressing the gathering of over 300 women from diverse backgrounds, Dr. Sumita Shankar highlighted the societal barriers that often hinder women from seeking help for breast-related issues, leading to dire consequences, including the presentation of cancer in advanced stages.

Highlighting the statistics, Dr Sumita emphasized the stark contrast in survival rates between early-stage and advanced-stage breast cancer, at stages I and II, survival rates are over 90% , but with stages III and IV, 5 yr survival rates can be  as low as 21%. Underlining the urgency of preventive measures and regular screening. She emphasized that timely intervention not only enhances survival rates but also significantly reduces financial burdens on patients and the government.


Prevention can be sought by adopting healthy lifestyle and food habit modifications. Selective genetic testing for kith and kin of patients already suffering from breast cancer can help prevention of cancer, if the high risk women can opt for subcutaneous mastectomy

Dr. Shankar also underscored the transformative impact of modern breast reconstruction techniques, offering women renewed self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, the book delves into a spectrum of breast-related disorders beyond cancer, addressing concerns such as underdeveloped breasts, asymmetry, and supernumerary nipples, which can profoundly affect women’s physical and emotional well-being.

Recognizing the need for widespread dissemination of this invaluable resource, Dr. Shankar announced plans for translating the guidebook into local languages, ensuring accessibility and relevance to diverse communities. She reiterated her commitment to continuously update the content to serve the evolving needs of society, empowering women with knowledge and agency over their breast health.

The launch of “Complete Guide to Breast Health and Reconstruction” is a significant milestone in empowering the women with regard to breast health and wellness.


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