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Doctors raise awareness on problem of infertility in Karimnagar

Rajani fertility centre announces free IVF treatment for 10 couples every year

KARIMNAGAR, JANUARY 31, 2024: Health experts believe couples feel ashamed to seek treatment for infertility.

Despite the rising number of cases each year, men and women rarely approach or seek available resources for infertility treatment. There is a dire need to spread awareness related to diagnosis, testing and treatment of fertility-related conditions in the district.

These views were expressed at a programme organised by Sri Lakshmi Maheshwara charitable trust and Rajani fertility centre at Renee hospital in Karimnagar town to launch the free fertility health camp for the barren couples on Wednesday.

Dr Bangari Rajani Priyadarshini said that infertility is found among both men and women and the problem was becoming grave due to non-treatment and the stigma associated with it. However, the medical sciences has introduced solutions to infertility, she said, adding that most people who are unable to conceive a child shy away from speaking about it.

Stressing on the need to create awareness about the infertility clinics, she said that they had launched the free treatment for the barren couples at Rajani fertility centre. They would be providing free IVF treatment to 10 couples every year. Besides, for other couples, they would provide treatment at a lesser rates and help them conceive and enjoy the nature’s beautiful feeling of motherhood, she stated.

Renee hospitals chairman Dr Bangari Swamy said that they were in the forefront to help the needy patients the requirement all medical assistance as part of corporate social responsibility. IMA state past president Dr BN Rao, IMA district president Dr Polasa Ram Kiran, TSMC member Dr Bandari Rajkumar, senior doctors Dr Aleem, Dr M Vijayalakshmi, Dr B Jhansilakshmi, Dr Sesha Shailaja, Dr K Radha, senior advocate Amballa Madhavi, Satavahana University professor Sarasija, retired principal and lions club leader B Madhusudhan Reddy, Administrative officer Aravinda Rao and others were also present.




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