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DCA suspends licences of six wholesalers for illegal procurement of ‘Insulin’ injections and seized stocks worth Rs 51.92 lakhs in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD, Officials of Drugs Control Administration, Telangana has taken stringent departmental action by suspending the licenses of six wholesalers in Telangana for 30 days on the charges of illegal procurement of ‘Insulin’ injections (pre-filled pens) without purchase bills. Furthermore, this action is complemented by the initiation of prosecution proceedings against the wholesalers.

DCA Director General VB Kamalasan Reddy said that during raids conducted from March 15th to March 20th at six medical distributors in Hyderabad, DCA detected that insulin injections, sourced from New Delhi without purchase bills, were being sold at substantial discounts of more than 40% by these wholesalers. The DCA seized stocks worth a total of Rs. 51.92 lakhs during the raids for procuring the stocks without purchase bills. The stocks were seized from Ms Drug Hub, Padmanagar, Secunderabad, Sree Tirumala Pharma, Ramanthapur, Uppal, Sree Paras Medical agencies, Vittal Maruthi lane, Sultanbazar, Sri Ganesh Pharma distributors, Nagole, Uppal, Sri Raja Rajeshwara distributors, Kapra and Sri Balaji Agencies, Kacheguda.

Upon verifying the sales bills of the wholesalers, it was revealed that they were offering the aforementioned insulin injections, sourced from New Delhi without any accompanying bills, at substantial discounts of more than 40%. Wholesalers who sourced Insulin Injections without any purchase invoices and offering them with huge discounts. During these special raids, DCA officials seized stocks worth Rs. 51.92 lakhs, which were illegally procured from Delhi and are suspected to have been illegally diverted from the supply chain. Procuring medicines illegally without purchase bills is a violation of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. Illegal procurement of medicines without purchase bills is deemed fraudulent primarily because it involves:

Health and Safety Risks: Illegal procurement of medicines without proper documentation raises significant health and safety concerns. Without purchase bills, the quality, authenticity, and safety of the medicines cannot be verified, posing risks to consumers’ health.

Tax Evasion: Furthermore, failing to maintain purchase bills may also lead to tax evasion as it prevents accurate reporting of expenses and revenue related to the procurement and sale of medicines.

The public may report any complaints regarding illegal activities concerning medicines through the Drugs Control Administration, Telangana Toll-Free Number 1800-599-6969, which is operational from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm on all working days.


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