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Bhagavathi School Tiny Tots celebrate Holi with traditional fervour

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 23, 204: Students of Bhagavathi High School, Bhagathnagar, Karimnagar town, celebrated Holi, the festival of colours, with much gusto and traditional fervour and gaiety on the school campus on Saturday, ahead of the main Holi festival on Monday.

It was all fun and frolic at the school. The students dressed up colourfully and participated in the celebrations of applying colours to their friends and teachers. The children enjoyed the festival as they threw water-filled balloons, flowers and organic colours at each other.

The students showcased their artistic talent in fist and hand printing with the natural colours. The teachers guided the students in fist and hand printing which help the students in improving their motor and artistic skills.

School Director B Vijaya Lakshmi participated in the celebrations and played holi with the kids by applying the natural and eco-friendly colours. Highlighting the significance of the festival, she explained the demerits of synthentic colours and encouraged the students to play with eco-friendly Holi by using organic colours. The students were educated on the preparation of organic colours by using carrots, sandalwood powder, food colour and rosewater.


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