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Australian Health Minister Visits Rainbow Children’s Hospital: Explores Collaborative Opportunities

HYDERABAD, FEBRUARY 27, 2024:  Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad, hosted the distinguished Australian Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson. The visit aimed at seeking opportunities for collaborations in the health skilling landscape between Rainbow Children’s Hospital and the esteemed healthcare institutions in Western Australia.

Dr. Paddy Ramanathan, Strategic Advisor (India) for the Government of Western Australia, provided valuable context, highlighting potential collaboration avenues in health skilling and suggested that they have identified as Rainbow Children’s Hospital as the center of excellence in pediatric care.

Australian Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson expressed her appreciation after an enthralling walk-through of the hospital, acknowledging it as exemplary work and recognizing the hospital as truly outstanding. She expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The quality of care and the volume of work that the hospital is rendering in maternal and child health is commendable.”  She further stated that she definitely sees an opportunity for collaboration and exchange of doctors and nurses.

The minister was highly impressed with training programmes being conducted for doctors and nurses, emergency transport and the emergency care being provided by Rainbow Children’s Hospital. She appreciated pediatric quaternary care services, including pediatric organ transplants like pediatric liver transplant, renal transplant and BMT that the hospital is offering.

Dr. Ramesh Kancharla, CMD of Rainbow Children’s Hospital, remarked, “We are honoured to host Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson and explore collaborative opportunities, marking a significant step towards global partnerships in healthcare, promoting knowledge exchange and advancements. We are delighted to welcome the minister and delegates from Australia.”

“Rainbow Children’s Hospital, from its inception as a single unit, has evolved into a leading chain of Children’s Hospitals. Our dedication extends beyond our borders, providing excellence in pediatric care not only to our country but also supporting nations in Africa and the Middle East. We are currently operating 19 hospitals across the country with over 1900 beds and are eager to collaborate with the developed countries, collectively contributing to spreading more healthy smiles worldwide.”, he added.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chirla, Director of Intensive Care Services – Rainbow Children’s Hospital shared with the Australian delegates about all the exemplary work that Rainbow Children’s Hospital has been doing in pediatric and maternal healthcare.

Delegates from the Western Australia, Ms. Stacey Hearn, Chief of Staff to the Minister, Dept of Health, Govt of WA, Ms. Jodie South, A/Assistant Director General, Clinical Excellence Division, Dept of Health, Govt of WA, Hon. Dr Jagadish (Jags) Krishnan MLA, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, Govt of WA., Ms. Lucy Kirwan-Ward, Director Ministerials Missions and Delegations, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, were also part of the event.

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