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World hypertension day today: Keep you blood pressure under control

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 17, 2024: Every year, May 17 is observed as World Hypertension Day to spread awareness about hypertension which can lead to fatal consequences if not dealt with seriously.

The day was observed by the Directorate General of Health Services, New Delhi, by conducting a webinar with all the district medical and health officials on Friday. Accordingly, Karimnagar DMHO Dr Sujatha and others participated in the webinar in Karimnagar town.

On this occasion, the DMHO said that they would be organising month-long awareness programme on hypertension and measures to avoid the high blood pressure. She also laid emphasis on why people should go for regular blood pressure check-up in order to seek necessary medical help on time.

A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep can help in having normal blood pressure. If blood pressure is regularly high, it can lead to heart diseases, strokes and kidney failure.

The symptoms of high BP (hypertension) are headache, dizziness, poor eye-sight, chest pain, high rate of heart beating etc. The people were informed to approach the nearest PHC for free medical check-up and medication to avoid consequences of heart attacks, paralysis, kidney failures.

It was also advised to take less oil, ghee and salt. The people were also advised a regular check-up of blood pressure, a walk and taking medicine as per doctor’s advice were a key to healthy and long life.



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