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Utter chaos prevailed in Karimnagar town following BRS election meeting at Indira chowk

Spacious Circus grounds and Old high grounds which was a venue for several public meetings and conduct of exhibitions and entertainment programmes converted into ‘paid parks’ for obvious reasons denied entertainment to the people of the town

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 09, 2024: Utter chaos prevailed in Karimnagar town on Thursday, the evening peak hours, with the BRS organising the road show by former Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao at the busy Indira chowk in Karimnagar town on Thursday late evening.

This is the first time, a political party meeting is organised on the busy roads instead of using the Circus grounds in the heart of Karimnagar town.  Thanks to the unscientific execution of the various development works and illogical planning, the Karimnagar town is now choking with the traffic woes following the conduct of political meetings on the roads and causing inconvenience to the people of the town.

Earlier, the Circus ground was meant for the conduct of the political meetings, conduct of exhibitions and other cultural progammes. But, thanks to the visionless leaders, the spacious Circus ground was converted into the ‘paid park’ for obvious reasons better known to the leaders who had converted the spacious Circus grounds and Old high school grounds into ‘paid parks’ denying the free entry to the people and sports activities for the youth.

In the name of Smart City Project, the Karimnagar City had turned from bad to worse due to unscientific and visionless leaders. Even as the City growing in leaps and bounds with the merger of adjoining villages, but the so-called leaders had developed the Karimnagar town in reverse by taking it back to olden days by converting the wide roads and into narrow roads. They had converted the 100-feet road into 60 feet and 60-feet into 30-feet.

There are no open places in the town for the youth to play sports or organise the exhibitions and other cultural programmes. Now, the cultural programmes are being organising on the outskirts of Karimnagar at Padmanagar locality, but there are no takers due to long distance.

People of the town are ruing against the conversion of the Karimnagar town into a narrow roads city and denying open places for the conduct of public meetings, exhibitions and sports for the youth in the name of Smart City. Already, the people of the town were suffering from traffic woes due to narrow roads, freshly the conduct of political meeting on the busy roads at Indira chowk had caused umpteen woes to the residents of the town.

Thanks to the Smart City project, the Karimnagar City, is progressing in reverse. I had never ever seen traffic snarls in Karimnagar town since my stay for the last 15 years. But with the execution of Smart City and converting the wide roads into narrow roads, the city had turned into bad to worse.  Incidentally, there is no solution to these woes and the residents of the town have suffer forever due to Smart City project, said Aditya, a bank employee in Karimnagar.

Lok Satta Karimnagar Town convenor KS Narayana flayed the BRS leaders for destroying the Karimnagar town in the name of Smart City. Whether they had taken up widening of roads, stopped encroachment of roads and footpaths, he asked. Instead, the spacious Circus grounds Old High School grounds which was meant for the meetings and exhibitions were converted into ‘paid parkings’ to please only a section of community, he alleged.


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