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Polycab launches new TVC for POLYCAB MAXIMA+ Green Wire  

The campaign is tailored for the southern markets and launched in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada

HYDERABAD, MARCH 09, 2024:  Polycab India, a leading electrical goods company, proudly announces the launch of its latest TVC for the Extra Safe POLYCABMAXIMA plus showcasing POLYCABMAXIMA+ Green wire tailored for the Southern market. Through this campaign, Polycab reaffirms its dedication to innovation and customer safety, encouraging consumers to prioritize and make informed decisions for the well-being of their homes. The TVC underscores the importance of safety in home construction, blending traditional rituals with modern safety measures to emphasize the significance of choosing the right wiring for one’s dream home.

Polycab’s latest campaign, builds upon the success of its previous campaign that underscores the company’s commitment to creating a safer future with its solutions. The TVC emphasizes that wires are not just electrical solutions but vital components of every household, ensuring safety for today and future generations. Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the TVC beautifully illustrates the importance of safe wires. By encouraging consumers to dream big while prioritizing safety, the campaign carries Polycab’s mission to educate and inspire modern-day consumers about the extended value proposition of wires and cables.

The TVC follows the journey of a family embarking on the construction of their dream home, diligently performing traditional rituals like Bhoomi Puja and placing protective charms like Drishti Bommai and crushing a white pumpkin to ward off evil eyes. However, the narrative takes a thought-provoking turn when the Voice of God questions the family about a crucial aspect of safety they may have been overlooked – the electrical wiring. This pivotal moment highlights Polycab’s message: ensuring the safety of one’s dream home requires attention to detail, including the choice of wiring. POLYCABMAXIMA+ Green wire with 5-in-1 Green Shield Technology emerges as the solution, offering extra safety and peace of mind. The TVC beautifully captures the essence of tradition intertwined with modern safety measures, resonating with homeowners who prioritize both heritage andsafety in their dwellings.

Speaking about the campaign, Ishwinder Singh Khurana, Executive President and Chief Business Officer (FMEG and Power BU) Polycab India: stated, “As a leader in electrical solutions, Polycab is committed to fostering innovation and ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers. With our latest campaign, for POLYCABMAXIMA+ Green Wirewe aim to empower consumers to make informed choices for their homes. OurPOLYCABMAXIMA+ Green wire is a testament to our dedication to quality and safety. Through this campaign, we not only emphasize the importance of safe wiring but also blend the traditional with contemporary, reflecting the evolving needs of homeowners. At Polycab, we believe that every home deserves the highest level of protection, and we are proud to offer solutions that safeguard dreams for generations to come.”


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