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Historic Expedition: First -Ever Women Team conducting Geological Investigation of Barren Island Volcano

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 07, 2024: In a historic first, a women team has embarked on a ground-breaking Geological expedition to Barren Island Volcano, with the invaluable support of the Indian Coast Guard vessel Rajkamal (ICG Rajkamal) on May 29, 2024. This landmark endeavour is part of an internal project of the Indian Institute of Remote sensing (IIRS)-Indian space Research organisation (ISRO), based in Dehradun.

Led by Dr Mamta Chauhan, scientist-E of the Geosciences Department at IIRS-ISRO, the team comprises a group of researchers from various institutions including Md Parveen Sultana, belongs to Karimnagar town, Telangana. Their mission is to conduct a comprehensive Geological Investigation of the Barren Island Volcano, located in Andaman which is the only active volcano in Indian sub-continent, with a focus on studying its unique features, Volcano activity and geological formations.

The expedition marks a significant milestone in the fields of geosciences and women’s empowerment, highlighting the capability and dedication of women in traditionally male-dominated domains. Dr Mamta Chauhan, a leading figure in the field of Geosciences, expressed her enthusiasm for the expedition, highlighting the importance of understanding volcanic activity for both scientific research and Disaster Mitigation efforts.

The team’s journey to Barren Island Volcano represents a collaborative effort between IIRS -ISRO, Indian coast Guard (A&N Islands), and Department of science and Technology (A&N Administration), underscoring the spirit of cooperation in advancing Scientific Knowledge and Exploration. The insights gained from this expedition are expected to contribute significantly to the understanding of volcanic processes and geological phenomena in remote and challenging environments.

As the team embarks on this pioneering expedition, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of women in science and the broader scientific community. Their journey exemplifies the spirit of exploration, resilience, and dedication that defines India’s scientific endeavours on the global stage.


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