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Voters’ awareness campaign posters released by HUM, a voluntary organisation

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 06, 2024:  In a bid to motivate and ensure the participation of young and first-time voters in the general elections, HUM, a voluntary organisation of Karimnagar town, has prepared posters “Your Vote is Your Right to Question’ to educate the young voters and others to exercise their franchise in Karimnagar town.

Retired professor and eminent poet Gadra Laxman Rao had formally released the posters in Karimnagar town on Saturday. HUM founder president Dhanapuri Sagar Patel, vice president K Venugopal Sharma, members N Raghavender, Ramana, Srinivas, Rajender, Aryan, Mahender, Akash and others were also present.

On this occasion, the speakers urged the people to exercise their franchise without succumbing to pressures from money and other obligations from the politicians. They informed the people to vote with integrity to question the leaders and protect the democracy. They also appealed to the young voters to enroll as voters as the last date for enrolment was April 15.



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