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Toxic fumes from garbage dumping yard fire shroud entire Karimnagar town

People of the town were forced to use facemasks and remain indoors as they were suffering from gasping problems in the open

Ironically, the so-called visionary leaders had taken up iconic cable-stayed bridge and Manair River Front with much hype abutting the huge garbage dumping yard and claimed to develop as tourism hub 

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 10, 2024: The Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar, which is being developed as part of the Smart City project, has turned from bad to worse and choking people with the garbage burning and the smoking surrounding entire Karimnagar town causing breathlessness among the people of the town.

On Wednesday late night, there was fire at the garbage dumping yard on the shores of LMD reservoir in Karimnagar town. The smoke emanating from the dumping yard surrounded entire town and caused serious illness to the people with cough and breathlessness at the vicinity of the garbage dumping yard.

When the people woke up on Thursday morning for morning walk, the residents were shocked to see the smoke engulfed entire town with pungent smell. In spite of smoke, the people started walking in the open, but they were unable to walk due to pungent smell and smoke from the garbage and stopped the walking abruptly and returned back home for safety.

“This is the first time, I am forced to stop the walking in the middle and return back home as I am unable to breathe the smoke engulfed in entire town due to the garbage burning in Karimnagar town”, said a bank manager K Sunil. Looks like, the people of Karimnagar town have to wear the face masks compulsorily throughout the year to protect from the garbage fire smoke and the dust emanating from the roads in various parts of the town, he stated.

Thanks to the so-called visionary leadership of BRS, who had claimed that the iconic cable-stayed bridge and Manair river front on the shores LMD reservoir would turn into a national tourist hub, ironically they had not removed the garbage dumping abutting the Manair River and the garbage is strewn all around the river bed and the frequent garbage fires was forcing the people of Karimnagar town to choke.

“It is pity that the Smart City has turned into choking city forcing the people gasping for breath. It is really disgrace that the Karimnagar Smart city has been reduced to an object of shame”, said a representative of Lok Satta udyama samstha in Karimnagar town. He said that the Air quality Index (AQI) was informing the people to wear face masks, remain indoors and use air purifiers to breathe fresh air.

In spite of series of incidents of garbage fires, the MCK authorities nor the Karimnagar legislator was taking any measures to relocate the dumping yard to any other location. The environmentalists suggest that the garbage can be dumped in the closed granite quarries and cover it with mud and grow plants to protect the environment from pollution.

Photo captions: The pictures of smoke engulfing entire Karimnagar town on Wednesday morning due to garbage fire on the shores of LMD reservoir.


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