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Telangana Governor Radhakrishnan participates in Yuva Sangam programme

HYDERABAD, APRIL 06, 2024: Telangana State Governor C.P Radhakrishnam actively participated in Phase-04 of the Yuva Sangam Programme hosted at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad, on Saturday. This collaborative initiative was orchestrated by the University of Hyderabad in conjunction with NIT Patna.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor underscored the imperative of national cohesion, citing India’s remarkable ascent as the world’s 5th largest economy, a feat made possible by our rich unity in diversity. Emphasizing the pivotal role of education-driven progress, he articulated its potency in surmounting life’s myriad challenges.

Addressing concerns over production dynamics, the Governor elucidated the symbiotic relationship between production and distribution, asserting that the former underpins the latter. He issued a resonant call to self-sufficiency, and around development stems from diligent earning.

Drawing a fine distinction between happiness and monetary wealth, he advocated for individual and familial prosperity alongside societal and national contribution.  Prior to his discourse, students engaged in a spirited dialogue, sharing their Telangana experiences and innovative visions for national advancement with the Governor. Mr B. Venkatesham, Principal Secretary to the Governor, faculty from the University of Hyderabad and NIT Patna, alongside students hailing from diverse regions of Bihar participated in the event.

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