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Teachers urge postponement of ‘Badi bata’ programme in view of prevailing heat waves in TG state

HYDERABAD, MAY 29, 2024: The Telangana State Teachers Union (TSTU) has urged the state government to postpone the proposed ‘Badi bata’ enrollment drive into the government schools from June 3 to 19 in the wake of prevailing heat wave conditions.

In a statement here on Wednesday, TSTU state president Mohammed Abdulla and state general secretary Chanduri Raji Reddy said that the ‘Badi Bata’ programme would not yield any results if taken up during the prevailing sweltering heat wave conditions in the state. Finding fault with the state government for instructing the teachers to participate in ‘Badi bata’ programme when already it had declared holidays for the teachers from June 3 to 11, they reminded that the teachers were participate in the ‘Badi bata’ programme since several decades without expecting any monetary benefits from the government.

Hence, they urged the government declare the school education department also as non-vacation department and announce 30 days ELs per year and use the services of teachers throughout the year. They alleged that the government was utilizing the services of teachers even during the summer vacation by deploying them for ‘Amma adarsha patashala’ works and supervision of developmental works in the schools and ‘badi bata’ programmes.

They charged the government was exploiting the work of the teachers by treating them as non-vacation department employees for forcing them to work even after declaring vacations without sanctioning 30 days ELs.

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