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Teachers enact play to educate students to protect from kidnappers and strangers

PEDDAPALLI, FEBRUARY 10, 2024:  In the wake of reports of kidnapping of children in the social media, the faculty members of Pallavi Model School in Peddapalli town have enacted a play “Raksha – Suraksha’ to educate the students about the importance of being alert and protected from the hooligans and kidnappers on the school premises on Saturday.

Under the guidance of school correspondent Shoba Rani, the faculty members including the principal had participated in the small skits to educate the children about how to be cautious from the kidnappers. In a drama form, the teachers explained about the importance of safety of children and how to be alert when they encounter any problems from the strangers.

The teachers with live examples empowered the students to be cautious from the strangers. They were also given tips to escape from the possible problems from the strangers including the possible kidnappers.


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