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Students exhibit their engineering prowess at Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women in Hyderabad

JIJNASA-24, a two-day national technical festival inaugurated

HYDERABAD, APRIL 1, 2024: JIJNASA-2024, a two-day national tech-fest was formally inaugurated at Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women in Hyderabad on Monday. The inaugural day saw students participating and showcasing their engineering skills in a number of events.

Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, JIJNASA-2024 offered a diverse array of activities designed to showcase and challenge the participants’ technical acumen. Students exhibited their innovative projects, research findings, and dexterity in events such as Inno Talks, Mind Maze, Blind Coding, Poster Presentation, Mobi Game Expo, Vision Voyage, Electronic Ensemble, Paper Presentation, and Working Models. The event not only rewarded excellence but also inspired young minds to push the boundaries of technical knowledge.

Distinguished guests, speakers, and judges from various industries, and government organisations graced the occasion, adding an air of prestige and expertise to the event. Chief guests Mrs S Shankari, Project Director of ASL at DRDO, shared her invaluable insights and wisdom with the eager participants. On this occasion, she urged the students to use with utmost care the tools science gave as they were powerful. She also informed the students to develop the sense of curiosity and use their knowledge to the benefit of society.

It’s truly commendable to acknowledge the significant contributions and support of the management members, including Chairman Emeritus-Sri M Rama Reddy; Secretary-Professor         V Sudha; Chief Operating Officer-Dr  Ch Sujatha Gangadhar; Director-HR & Academics-         Dr Gracy Saila Sree; Principal-Dr J Madhavan; Vice Principal-Mr G Dayakar Reddy; JIJNASA  Convener-R Manju Bhargavi, Associate Professor-EEE and Co-convener-Dr P Deepthi, Associate Professor-CSE alongside the Heads of the departments, in ensuring the success of JIJNASA 2024.

With over 1100 registrations and a substantial Rs one lakh in cash prizes, the fest offered a platform for students to exhibit their technical prowess and innovative spirit. Their unwavering commitment and effective leadership played a pivotal role in organizing an event that showcased the zenith of innovation and excellence in engineering.


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