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Students captivate with science exhibition at Laksh International school

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 27, 2024: In an effort to promote scientific curiosity and practical education, the Laksh International School in Karimnagar town  organised a mini-festival (science exhibition) on its premises on Tuesday.

District Science Officer Jaipal Reddy, Quantum Mind IQ Director Joseph Johnson, CEO Clement Raju, school chairman Mushtaq Ali, director Sheik Afsana and others inaugurated the festival and went round all the stalls and interacted with the students and inquired about their science exhibits.

The exhibition witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, who worked in groups and brought out the scientists inside them through various exciting experiments. Through these experiments, students gain invaluable insight into the fascinating world of science and other subjects.

On this occasion, Quantum Minds IQ representatives explained about the Dematoglyphics multiple intelligence test (DMIT). Through the analysis of fingerprints, DMIT provides insights into your multiple intelligences, learning preferences, and potential areas of strength, the stated and added that their expert analysis and counseling would help the student leverage this information for personal and academic success.



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