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‘Sparsh’, a novel initiative by JITS students to help the society

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 20, 2024: In order to inculcate the value of saving and sharing among the student community, the students of Jyotishmathi Institute of Technology and Sciences (JITS) (autonomous) on the outskirts of Karimnagar town have launched a novel initiative of ‘Sparsh’ (touching lives and spreading smiles).

Taking cue from the fistful of rice concept of helping the needy persons, the students of JITS have taken up the novel concept of ‘Sparsh’. Under this scheme, the students had set up a box on the premises of the college. They informed all the students of the college to donate liberally in the box during their birthdays and other occasions. The students who celebrate their birthdays were informed to donate in the box and drop in their name slip separately.

After completion of a month, the box would be opened and donate the collect amount to the orphanages in the form purchasing essential commodities and other requirements of the orphanages and old-age homes. The students, who dropped in their name slips in the box, would be taken to the orphanages and make them participate in the noble cause.

The students said that there was good response to the idea among all the students and all were donating for a noble cause. The students, who were celebrating their birthdays were donating the amount given by their parents in the ‘Sparsh’ box and help the society.

Instead of spending on birthday bash by cutting the cakes and hosting the party in the hotels, we have decided to donate the same for the society and help the orphans living in various orphanages the district, said a student of JITS. A faculty member said that it was students own concept and they had voluntarily come forward and took up the initiative of ‘Sparsh’ by collecting donations and help the orphanages. She said that the faculty members were also donating in the Sparsh box on their birthdays and other special occasions of their children and family members.


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