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Some respite from traffic snarls at busy Tower circle area in Karimnagar

Police allocate parking lots at newly constructed and unused integrated market and Old municipal guest house opposite Collector’s camp office

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 27, 2024: Thanks to the unscientific execution of the Smart City works in Karimnagar town by the former government in Karimnagar, the Karimnagar town roads, which were otherwise broad and wide, have been shrunken due to the ‘visionless’ policing by the BRS leadership, thus causing umpteen woes to the residents of Karimnagar town.

Instead of taking up widening of roads for the future requirements, all the wide roads in Karimnagar town have been converted into narrow bylanes by constructing footpaths and allowing the traders to encroach them and also the roads by the so-called leaders of the BRS party. The glaring example is at the Tower circle area, the wide roads were shrunken and causing several woes to the vehiclists and pedestrians as the footpaths are encroached by the traders and vendors.

Due to illegal execution of Smart city works, the motorists were forced to park their vehicles at the traffic islands further causing woes to the road users. The BRS leaders instead of converting the R&B office premises as parking place had converted it into the integrated market for ‘obvious reasons’. On the other hand, the main market at the tower circle was neglected and forced the vegetables to encroach the roads.

In the wake of complaints of illegal parking of vehicles on the roads from Venkateshwara Swamy temple,  Collector’s camp office, Potti Sriramulu Statue and Mangalya shopping mall, the Traffice police have created parking lots at integrated market and old municipal guest, which remained unused.

In a press note here on Wednesday, Traffic Inspector Kareemullah informed the people not to park the vehicles on the roads from Venkateshwara temple to Mangalya shopping. He advised them to park the vehicles at newly constructed integrated market and municipal guest house to avoid traffic snarls on the busy road. He warned the violators of stern penal action. Reserve Inspector Swamy and others were also present.


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