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Smita Sabharwal assures all assistance for school ayah’s son to complete IIT

K M Dayashankar

Gautham a student from Nandini Convent School in Karimnagar town scored 9.8 GPA in SSC exams where his mother toils as ayah

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 11, 2024:  Senior IAS officer and Member Secretary of Telangana State Finance Corporation Smita Sabharwal has assured all assistance to Machala Gautham, a student of Nandini Convent School in Karimnagar town, to fulfill his dream of studying IIT.

Mr Gautham, son of Kavitha, who works in the same school as ayah, has scored 9.8 GPA in the recently released SSC examination results. He lost his father when he was two years old. His mother Kavitha, who studied only up to fifth class, joined the Nandini Convent School as ayah. Since then she was working in the same school and educating her son.

Gautham, after seeing the plight of his mother, who was toiling on the same school premises where he was studying, decided to give a decent living to her and concentrated on his education in spite of his friends’ comments.  He only focused on his education and succeeded with flying colours.

Smita Sabharwal who had read about the success of the student had alerted her team ‘SmitamHitam’ to get in touch with the student. Accordingly, Ms Sabharwal visited Karimnagar town on Friday night to attend a function at NN gardens and summoned Gautham and his mother Kavitha.

She interacted with Kavitha and Gautham. Appreciating Kavitha for her true and determination to educate her son, she also congratulated Gautam for fulfilling the dream of his mother to study hard. She assured all assistance for his education and completing IIT. Gautham also took the blessings of Smita Sabharwal. Nandini Convent School chairman and TRSMA state leader Y Shekhar Rao was also present.



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