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Singareni thermal power plant wins best water efficient plant in the country

HYDERABAD, MARCH 08, 2024: The Singareni thermal power station in Jaipur of Mancherial district has bagged the best thermal power plant in water efficiency at the National level from the Council of Enviro Excellence in New Delhi on Thursday night.

The Best National Water efficient plant award was received by SCCL officials K Chandralingam and LJV Subba Rao. SCCL chairman and MD N Balaram and Director (E&M) D Satyanarayana congratulated the team of Singareni thermal power plant in Jaipur. He said that the Singareni has achieved this award among about 150 public and private sector thermal power stations with a capacity of more than 500 MW at the national level.

Normally, the Central Electricity Authority recommends a maximum consumption of three cubic meters of water for generating one megawatt of electricity per hour in thermal power plants. The thermal power plants have water consumption exceeding this standards.

However, due to the special measures taken by the Singareni Thermal Power Station in Jaipur and the technology used, it consumes only 2.8 cubic meters of water which is less than the prescribed standards for the production of one megawatt electricity in an hour. With this, the award was won at the national level. The same plant has received this kind of awards many times in the past.

The Singareni thermal power plant was using Hydrobin system and zero liquid system to reduce the wastage of water and generate power efficiently. Besides, they were taking up the transportation of the flyash from the plant instantly to reduce the use of water.

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