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Siddartha Schools Students shine in SSC results, 32 students secure 10 GPAs

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 30, 2024: Students of the Siddartha High Schools in Mankammathota and Bhagathnagar in Karimnagar town have excelled in the SSC exam results with excellent scores on Tuesday.

A record number of 32 students secured 10 GPAs, 21 students secured 9.8 GPA and 176 students secured more than 9 GPA marks. In Bhagathnagar campus, out of 101 students, 19 students scored 10 GPA, six students secured 9.8 GPA and 67 students secured more than 9 GPA.

In Mankammathota campus, out of a total of 206 students who appeared in the SSC exams, 13 students secured 10 GPAs, 15 students secured 9.8 GPAs and 109 students secured more than 9 GPA. With a total of 307 students, the schools recorded 99 per cent pass percentage.

School Chairman Dasari Sripal Reddy congratulated the students and teachers and also the support of the parents for the excellent performance in the SSC exams. He said that the Siddartha schools was excelling the SSC examinations since last 28 years with all-round performance of students.


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