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PhDs awarded to ABV and SRR colleges faculty members

JANGAON, FEBRUARY 06, 2024:  S. Rajesh Kumar, assistant professor of English department, ABV GDC Jangaon, awarded PhD degree by the Osmania university for thesis titled “Family and the Individual: A Study of Selected Caribbean Novels” under the supervision of Prof. C. Sharada.

In a press note here on Tuesday, A. Narsaiah, Principal of ABV GDC Jangaon, congratulated Rajesh Kumar on his excellent work on the interplay of relationships between family and individuals in Caribbean fiction. Suleman Ahmed, Administrative Officer, Vice Principal K. Srinivas, K. Surender Reddy, state secretary of TGGCTA, and other staff congratulated him.

KARIMNAGAR: G Ramakrishna, Assistant Professor of English, SRR Arts and Science College, Karimnagar, awarded PhD by the Osmania University for his research work entitled “Eco-Concerns in Selected American Fiction” under the supervision of Prof. B. Vijaya, Head Department of English, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Ch Maruthi’s research work entitled Mystery and Suspense in the Selected Novels of Kurt VonnegutJr: A Post Modernist Study, under the supervision of Prof. A. Karunaker, Osmania University, is also awarded doctorate. In a press note the Principal, K. Ramakrishna, Surender Reddy, State Secretary of GCGTA, Uma Maheshwari Head Department of English, and other staff members have congratulated both on their achievement.


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