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Pallavi Model School students donate Rs 71,902 to SOCH foundation, Hyderabad

PEDDAPALLI, FEBRUARY 19, 2024: In a humane gesture, the students of Pallavi Model School,  Peddapalli town, have raised funds to the tune of Rs 71,902 and donated the same to the SOCH livelihood project for blind and orphans (Institute for training, relief, rehabilitation of disabled, distressed and disinherited children), Hyderabad.

Recently, the inmates of SOCH visited the school and showcased their talent of singing. Inspired by their innate talent, the students of the school have decided to do something for the blind students and orphans of SOCH.

Accordingly, the students mobilized the funds from the parents, relatives and neighbours under the guidance of school correspondent Shoba Rani and pooled up a total of Rs 71,902. At a programme organised on the school premises, the students handed over the cash to the SOCH representative.


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