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Pallavi Model School celebrates Vasanth Panchami with a difference

PEDDAPALLI, FEBRUARY 14, 2024: Students of Pallavi Model School in Peddapalli town celebrated ethnicity as they came sporting attire of various states to depict the country’s rich colourful culture as part of Vasanth Panchami festivities on the school campus on Wednesday.

The students donned dresses of various states right from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu in the South and from Gujarat to North-eastern states and showed the testimony of various kinds of people who live in the country, India the land of unity in diversity.

Similarly, the students also participated in food festival of various states on the occasion. They had also sweets and savouries of various states on the occasion.

Earlier, School Correspondent T Shoba Rani and other family members Karthik and Saritha, principals N Vani and B Sridevi and others participated in the Vasanth Panchami celebrations. On this occasion, special prayers were conducted for Goddess Saraswathi, the divine form of wisdom, music and arts.

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